You Kent Always Say What You Want

Ludacris as himself
Maurice LaMarche as Birch Barlow

"You Kent Always Say What You Want" is the twenty-second episode of The Simpsons' eighteenth season. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on May 20, 2007 as part of the one-hour season finale, alongside the episode "24 Minutes"; a repeat took place on August 19, 2007. It was the milestone 400th episode of The Simpsons and was written by Tim Long. The episode guest starred Ludacris as himself and Maurice LaMarche as the Fox announcer. It was the last episode to air prior to The Simpsons Movie releasing into theaters on July 27, 2007.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the show (when counting the shorts), the entire opening sequence is replaced with a black screen that reads, "20 Years Ago..." followed by a showing of The Tracey Ullman Show Simpsons short "Family Portrait".

Driving home after a trip to the dentist, Homer takes the Simpson family to an ice cream parlor, where he buys the store's millionth ice cream cone. This results in Homer's appearing on Kent Brockman's TV news talk show Smartline. Kent is disgusted that he is forced to do a fluff piece instead of an in-depth, intellectually stimulating discussion of the conflict in the Middle East. During the interview, Homer accidentally knocks Kent's cup of coffee into his lap, making him swear in pain.

After the commercial break, Kent apologizes, but is relieved to find that nobody saw his on-air faux pas. However, Ned Flanders sees Kent's infamous newscast during his nightly ritual of reviewing TV content, and gets people of a like mind to e-mail the Federal Communications Commission about the incident. The next day, during the Channel 6 newscast, Kent finds out that he is under scrutiny for his indiscretion and that the station has been fined a whopping $10 million. He is demoted to weekend weatherman with his rival, Arnie Pye, as the new anchorman. Later, Lindsey Naegle speaks to Kent, assuring him that his job is safe, but fires him after she finds "cocaine" in his coffee cup (actually Splenda, but Naegle doesn't care because it's the best excuse to fire him for cause).

The next day, at the Simpsons' home, Homer finds Kent sleeping on their couch, after Marge took him in amid fears that he might kill himself. While watching TV, Lisa wonders why the cable channel Fox News can be so conservative while the Fox Network broadcasts sexualized content. Kent replies that Fox deliberately airs programs with morally reprehensible content so that they will be fined by the FCC, with the fines being funneled to the Republican Party. According to Brockman, everyone in the entertainment business knows this, but no one is brave enough to report the scam. Lisa goads him into blowing the whistle on the scam, using her web camera and uploading the revelation onto YouTube. Kent's subsequent webcast is so successful that Springfield's Republican Party members are less than thrilled about Kent threatening their ill-gotten gains, so Lindsay Naegle and Krusty the Clown hatch a plan to stop him.

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