Wuyi County, Zhejiang

Wuyi County (Chinese: 武义; Chinese: 武義縣; pinyin: wǔyì) is a county of Zhejiang, China. It is under the administration of the Jinhua city. It is rich in Fluorite and hot spring resorts.

The local government is sited in Lushan avenue.

North and West side of Wuyi is surrounded by mountains. The most important one, called Niutoushan is 1560,2 meters high.

At the Autumn period in Chinese history, Wuyi belonged to Yue. During the Qin dynasty until the Han dynasty, it belonged to Wushang. In 691, it was renamed as Wuyi. In 1958, Suanping county became a part of Wuyi, increasing the importance of the city.

Wuyi's economy is mainly based on agriculture and tourism.

Industrial districts were limited trying to keep the city clean focusing on tourism. However, the Huang Long industry area is famous to content some of the most important European manufacturers in the area. Wuyi was chosen by companies such as Littlecherry, Ocean Hardware & Plastics, Australian Sino Paper or Sedeenchina that prefer produce in this small village better than some other nearby options such us Yiwu.

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