List of starships in Stargate

This is a list of fictional starships in the Stargate universe depicted through a series of television shows and three feature-length movies.

The Ancients are one of the most technologically advanced races in Stargate, and this is reflected in their starships. Duplicates of these ships are utilized by their nanite creations, the Asurans, as they also possess knowledge of Ancient technology.

The Puddle Jumper or Jumper is a small spacecraft used extensively in the Stargate Atlantis series. Puddle Jumpers were created by the Ancients and most exist within the city built by the Ancients known as Atlantis. The Jumpers are used by the humans from Earth that traveled to Atlantis so that they can travel to other planets as well as navigate the planets once they arrive—both in the air and underwater. Jumpers are cylinder-shaped with two retractable engines, one on either side, so that they can fit through the Stargate device. The interior of the Jumper is divided in two parts: cockpit and aft; the bulkhead door between the two sections is airtight and can hold even against the pressure of deep ocean. Access to the Jumper is provided by a rear ramp-hatch. Puddle Jumpers are armed with drone weapons capable of destroying larger ships. Jumpers are also equipped with a cloaking device to evade enemies which renders the ship effectively invisible to both the eye and most sensors.

The Aurora-class battleship is a warship used by the Ancients at the time of their war with the Wraith, first seen in "Aurora". In that episode, the Aurora is a crippled battleship whose crew have preserved themselves in stasis pods, which self-destructs to avoid falling into the hands of the Wraith. The Atlantis Expedition gains control of an Aurora-class battleship discovered by the Taranians in "Inferno"; it is named Orion by John Sheppard (who dislikes its original name Hippaforalkus). The Orion is barely operational when it is called upon to intercept two Wraith hive ships heading for Earth. Maj. Lorne commands the Orion at this point. Dr. Zelenka brings the weapons online at the cost of the shields, and the Orion manages to destroy one hive ship before being destroyed herself. The battleship Tria is encountered along with its Ancient crew in "The Return". The Travelers take control of a derelict battleship with Sheppard's help in "Travelers". It is later destroyed as a result of a stargate explosion in episode "The Lost Tribe". In season 4, it is revealed that the Asurans have built 38 Aurora-class battleships for their war with the Wraith. The Daedalus and the Apollo destroyed a few of them, and the rest are destroyed in the explosion of Asuras. Another battleship is known to exist, commanded by a duplicate Elizabeth Weir. The Asurans dismantled it to create a base in an ill-fated attempt to engineer their way to ascension in "Ghost in the Machine".

Aurora-class battleships are much larger than an Earth Daedalus-class battlecruiser and are substantially superior to Wraith hive ships. They are armed with drone weapons and are protected by energy shields. Large turrets line the ship, which are seen in action in "Be All My Sins Remember'd". They have intergalactic hyperdrives though they are not designed for such long trips, and their sublight engines can accelerate the ship to 99.9% of the speed of light if powered by a Zero Point Module. The ship can project holograms remotely for communication purposes. They contain numerous stasis pods, which can be connected to allow the crew to interact in a virtual environment. The ship has hangar bays that can accommodate puddle jumpers or Wraith darts.

An Ancient city ship is a city-sized spaceship constructed by the Ancients. The best-known Ancient city ship is Atlantis, once the Ancients' capital in the Pegasus galaxy and the main setting for Stargate Atlantis. The Ancients abandoned Atlantis 10,000 years ago due to Wraith attacks; the city resided at the bottom of the ocean on Lantea until it is occupied by the Atlantis Expedition from Earth in "Rising". A city ship is a snowflake-shaped platform dotted with buildings, with an internal volume comparable to every building in Manhattan. They are powered by three Zero Point Modules. The main defensive systems of a city ship are drone weapons, and an all-encompassing shield. The massive ventral stardrive allows city ships to launch into space and traverse galaxies via hyperspace. The city itself is not airtight, so its shield must be active during space flight to hold in the atmosphere. City ships carry a complement of smaller ships, dubbed "puddle jumpers" by John Sheppard. The Atlantis Expedition has discovered a multitude of advanced technologies on Atlantis, including long-range sensors, internal transporters, and sophisticated computer systems.

In "The Tower", the Atlantis team discovers a second city ship on another planet. Although largely buried with much of its structure collapsed except for the central spire, some systems are still operational and the city's drone weapons and puddle jumpers are transferred to Atlantis. The Asurans were created in a city ship that was leveled when the Ancients deemed their experiment a failure. The Asurans rebuilt the ship, and in "Progeny" it is launched by Oberoth to attack Atlantis. The city ship is destroyed over Lantea when the Atlantis team overload its ZPMs. Another Asuran city ship, a duplicate of Atlantis created by Niam's followers, appears in "This Mortal Coil" and in a prescient vision in "The Seer". It is destroyed by an Aurora-class battleship sent by Oberoth.

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