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WikiProject Sports Car Racing is a collective effort by Wikipedia editors to create, maintain, expand, update, and align articles about all elements of sports car racing.

The purpose of this project is to bring information on sports car racing to Wikipedia and thus into public view. By having a collaborative effort, we will be able to present information about sportscar racing in a standardized fashion that will allow people to find the information they want on sportscar racing with ease. At the same time we will also be able to help articles expand and provide fact checking for others, giving us truly encyclopedic information. Most of all, as editors and sports car racing fans, we will be able to expand our own knowledge of the sport by working with others who enjoy this sport as much as we do.

WikiProject Sports Car Racing will cover various areas in motorsports. By our definition, sports car racing will include racing involving racing sports cars (or prototypes) as well as Grand Touring style GT cars.

Please note that WikiProject Sports Car Racing will not be attempting to cover open wheel racing, touring car racing, stock car racing, rallying or anything else that does not fit within the definition of sports car racing.

As of right now, this project covers not only currently active racing series, but also some defunct racing series as well. These series are currently being covered.

If you are a sports car racing fan and have knowledge that can help the project, then I suggest you add yourself to our list. Any help in any form is worthy enough of joining.

Please sign your name at the bottom of the list with ~~~~ so we know your user name and the date you joined. Also, when signing, tick the "Watch this page" option at the bottom so that you can be kept up to date on changes to the project.

After signing up also feel free to put WikiProject Sports Car Racing userbox on your userpage

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