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The WikiProject College Football Notability guidelines aim to promote the creation of high-quality articles about college football teams and related topics.

Wikipedia contains many articles on topics related to college football. These guidelines are not meant to be all-inclusive. As in all things, in order for an article to exist on Wikipedia, there should be reliable sources of information and the article cannot be original research. Articles must be written in a neutral point of view and not overly complimentory or derogatory to the team or topic.

There has been some opposition to this essay in articles for deletion discussions. Basically the argument boils down to the idea that projects do not get to set their own notability policies (only an essay). Please note that this project agrees with this position. This essay does not attempt to force the rest of Wikipedia to accept these guidelines but instead is providing what the project believes to be reasonable and thoughtful arguments to support notability issues within college football.

Around September of 2008, the so-called "West Incident" occurred. During this short period of time, the article Walter J. West was deleted. Subsequently, many historical college football articles were mass-nominated for deletion. Many of these nominated were deleted after AFD discussion, many citing "West Precedent" as a reason. Subsequent research on part of the College Football project has led to restoration of many of these articles and more are expected to be restored through additional research, including the restoration of the original West article.

As of December 2010, 100% of those articles deleted have been restored or at leasted merged into useful articles and lists through discovery of additional information, thorough research, and other article improvements. Included in the deleted articles that were restored are notabile people from business, government, professional football, professional basketball, and other areas. With this in mind, WP:SNOW comes to mind as a reason to consider when discussing deletion of college football head coach articles.

The above is a useful guideline for determining notability of sports related subjects. However, it is only a guideline used to quickly assess whether an athlete is likely notable. If a college football player meets the guidelines provided for college athletes, they are likely notable under WP:GNG. However, if an article meets general notability guidelines it can be created regardless of WP:NSPORT. As a rule of thumb sources establishing notability under WP:GNG need to be independent of the source, reliable and non-routine (see WP:ROUTINE).

Please read also the introduction of this essay on making solid arguments in deletion discussions if you came via a direct link to this subsection.

Associations that govern and otherwise help organize college football are notable. This includes their history, present state, and leadership. Generally, these organizations extend their reach beyond college football into other sports (such as Basketball, track and field, etc.)

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