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W. Chump & Sons Limited is an independent television production company founded in July 2015 in the United Kingdom. The company has its headquarters on Power Road, Chiswick, London, and is owned by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May and Andy Wilman. The directors of the company are the former presenters and executive producer of the MPH Show and Top Gear Live exhibition tours, and the Top Gear series produced for BBC Television from October 2002 until March 2015. As of 2016, the company was engaged in producing The Grand Tour, a motoring television series that debuted on Amazon Video on 18 November 2016.

Two of the directors, Clarkson and Wilman, owned the production company Bedder 6 until 2012, when it was sold to BBC Worldwide.

Chump Holdings Limited is the holding company for the group of companies. The relationship between Clarkson, Hammond, May and Wilman and control of the company is covered by a 46-page Articles of Incorporation and each have an equal 25% stake in umbrella firm Chump Holdings—logged at Companies House on October 6. The document, written by law firm Olswang, covers topics including decision-making, conflicts of interests, removal of directors and errors and disputes. … Chump Holdings contains their TV-making arm W. Chump and Sons Productions and another business W. Chump and Sons Ltd which could deal with other areas such as merchandise and any live tours.

In August 2015, property agency Martin Burke & Associates was instructed to locate a suitable office with "generous car parking space" in Hammersmith, Chiswick or Notting Hill. The company initially used temporary office space in Notting Hill. In October 2015 W. Chump & Sons took a three-year lease on an office at Power Road Studios in Chiswick—at the time leased from Sapcote Group—paying £38 per square-foot. The building containing the offices was subsequently bought by Helical Bar from Sapcote. The company moved in at the beginning of January 2016.

A second company, W. Chump & Sons Productions Limited, was founded in September 2015 with Andy Wilman as its sole director. A third company Chump Productions with Clarkson, Hammond, May and Wilman as directors and owned by Chump Holdings was founded on 2 October 2015. The companies use the registered office of legal firm Olswang at 90 High Holborn, London.

In mid-December 2015 Clarkson stated to Jeremy Paxman of the Financial Times that "serious business folk who want to be in on what looks set to be a roaring success will have to carry business cards bearing their name and rank in the hierarchy of, for example, W Chump and Sons (mugs and T-shirts)". One week later, a fourth company W. Chump & Sons (Mugs & T-Shirts) Limited was incorporated on 23 December 2015 and made up of the four main directors, plus Ernesto Schmitt formerly of Beamly and EMI Music.

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