V Corps (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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When the unit was formed the Corps had the following armament:[1]

Operation Oganj 92
Operation Gorica-03
Operation Tiger '94
Operation Free Grabez '94
Operation Pecigrad '94
Operation Storm '95

The Fifth Corps was one of seven corps in the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The formation was around the Bihać pocket to protect it against the surrounding Serb forces. The Fifth Corps also fought secessional Muslim forces loyal to Fikret "Babo" Abdić, who was cooperating with Serb and Croat forces.[2] In the last military action of the ARBIH, Operation "Sana 95", the corps defeated Abdić's supporters and brought a number of regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina under government control.

The ministry of military affairs passed the order for the formation of the Fifth Corps of the ARBIH on September 29, 1992 and the final approval by the presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (order no. 02-111-738/92) on October 21, 1992.[1] In the formation of the 5th Corps there have been the de-formation of the Unsko-sanski Operative Group and the Territorial Defense of Bihac.

Major Hajrudin Osmanagić was given control, but he was eliminated before he took the post and Captain First class Ramiz Dreković took control as commander of the Fifth Corps, thus becoming first commander of the Fifth Corps. After him, Brigadier General Atif Dudaković became commander of the Fifth Corps. He had the most impact of all the generals of the corps.

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