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Regarding my user name, I am not licensed to practice engineering in any nation, state, province, territory, or other legal jurisdiction. I am not a licensed Professional Engineer or its equivalent in another jurisdiction, I do not claim to be such, and I neither offer my services as an engineer nor practice engineering except under the supervision of a licensed Professional Engineer. I am a certified Engineer Intern in the State of Tennessee; that certification is transferable and valid in any other U.S. state.

I am literate, but only in English (and to a slight extent Spanish). I don't speak as many languages as I'd like to.

I don't contribute to Wikipedia very much anymore. I have reasons for that.

# Of Times This Page Vandalized Since I Joined Wikipedia on May 29, 2005: 4±1 <---Hah! Think you can outsmart me on my own vandalism counter, do you? -TLE

My favorite page in the Wikipedia namespace? WP:DEP. Pages listed there always need improvement, and a few minutes work building the web improves the entire encyclopedia, not to mention the article in question.

My second-favorite? WP:CSBOT It's more important than the Dead-End Pages list, actually, but the improvements are harder to make.

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