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I'm retired from a sales and marketing career in several medically-related high-tech industries. Along the way, I worked for Microsoft and for the pioneering companies Digital Equipment Corporation and Electronics for Medicine. In retirement I have taught logic, critical thinking, management, marketing, mathematics, and practical computer subjects at the college level. I have also created and taught Wikipedia 101, a short course for beginners in using and editing Wikipedia. My major activities these days include editing Wikipedia and serving as the driving force in The USS Rankin Association and The Alliance of Military Reunions. Other than that, I do pretty much as I please, subject to financial limitations.

My first Wikipedia edit was on July 7, 2003, and I began editing in earnest in April, 2006. I reached my 10,000th edit in February, 2014, and my 15,000th in April, 2017. One of my biggest Wikipedia activities is posting new articles, on subjects I either know about or am interested in; I've posted over 400 of them. Another is reworking weak articles that I happen to encounter and take an interest in. I also add information where it's needed and where I can help, and I fix errors wherever I encounter them. I used to watch a handful of controversial articles, mostly to help make them better, but also to see how well/poorly the editors deal with them. It wasn't pretty, so I stopped.

I've started many new articles about U.S. Navy ships and aircraft squadrons. I've also started a significant number on the Navy, ships and shipbuilding, the works of C. G. Jung, and cowboy songs, as well as other topics that happened to interest me. One of the rewards of starting articles is seeing how other editors expand and improve on them.

My LinkedIn profile is HERE, and my personal web site is HERE. I also have a website about the Top 100 American cowboy and western songs, HERE. I tweet at USSRankin and AllMilReunions.

WARNING: The paragraphs below plainly state the qualifications and accomplishments of an experienced person with many interests. If you consider such material immodest, you shouldn't read further. In any event, remember: If it's true, it isn't bragging.

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