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Raymond Alessandro Cole (born 5 January 1989 in Hong Kong) is a member of Wikipedia from Hong Kong. Now he is currently studying for Higher Diploma in Environmental Protection and Management at Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education. Also, he is currently taking HKAL examinations. He works at Wikipedia for editing the articles mainly about association football and Formula One, with some articles about Chemistry and Harry Potter series.

Cole is also an amateur football player, playing for Bayer Submarines. He now plays as a winger, or midfielder if there is no other midfielder available.

Raymond Cole joined Wikipedia since 27 January 2007. He seldom edit Wikipedia until 5 March 2007. This date marked as the adminship promotion of Deryck Chan, his friend. The promotion encouraged Cole to edit more at Wikipedia. However, comparing to Chan, Cole seldom edit the articles about Hong Kong, his city, but editing the association football articles more.

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