It seems that in order to remove the red tint from my user name in these pages (as in the Contract bridge project list of helpers), I actually have to create this user page. So, here goes.

First, since some are afraid to ask ... the user name is a compound of 'futhark', the first 6 letters of the Norse runic alphabet ('th' is a single letter, as per the old English ð and þ ... the latter surviving (and most often misread) as the 'y' in 'ye olde country inne'); and 'red', to distinguish myself from a fellow in Denver, who apparently had preempted the name by the time I first found the internet in 1996. So 'red' will stay in the name after all, though not the coloration, such as in the Wiki-world shows a link to nothing.

As to how I became a 'user' here, I've recently been learning to play bridge with the long-time sharks in my family. This having a whole new language, I looked to Wikipedia ... and found the Contract bridge glossary here needlessly difficult to negotiate. That is, the links were purely to the alphabetical listings ('ruff' linked to 'R' rather than to 'ruff'), and with a couple of hundred terms, thus far, that was a problem.

I have some experience editing a website (, which led me to feel I might be able to make at least a small contribution here, as well as make it easier for myself to use the page. Might even learn some of the bridge en passant, so to speak, while simply straightening out the links.

Once having begun--and finding that Wiki-editing has its own style and methods--it became quite absorbing. In fact, this editing may become more interesting than the bridge.

Being, for my sins, a degree-holder in English (and a few languages) since about 1970, I felt able to add some minor editing work, purely to clarify the author's intentions ... when I was sure what they were! (This is a new game to me, after all.) It also seemed natural to add a few major definitions, largely as links to full articles already written (Blackwood convention, for example).

Where this might all lead, who knows? The project as a whole (meaning Wikipedia itself) I like very much, and this instance of it seems quite worthwhile.

And it is teaching me some new skills and tricks, such as using the underutilized '~' to sign my name, as in FutharkRed 03:51, 5 January 2007 (UTC)!

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