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Hi, I am chris. I am here to help you so feel free to let me know if there is anything I can do for you. First off, I am an administrator If you have any questions as to why I do something, please feel free to ask. I have an undergrad degree (BS) in Information Science and a master's degree in Information Techonology

I believe we all make mistakes. That being said, I believe everyone deserves a 2nd and sometimes a 3rd chance to get things right. Please if you see that I am giving somebody a second chance, please try to hold off the pitchforks and torches, as you do not currently wear a scarlet letter for your past mistakes, why should anybody else?

If I make a mistake as an admin and you are another admin, please feel free to correct it. If I deleted an article that should not be, feel free to undelete it. If you disagree with a block, feel free to unblock! I won't be offended. I make mistakes and am human. Thanks!

This section is for me to keep track of articles I have agreed to follow-up or would like to do in the future.

Things I want to get around to (E)

To Followup on

If you have concerns about my editing habits or general behavior, please address them on my talk page. You have my assurance that I have acted in good faith, based on my experiences with article writing and wikipedias policies. I am not out to get anybody, and hold no strong views on large groups of articles, however individually review each article and make independent decisions. If you still have questions regarding my conduct, please feel free to address it.

Follow these logs to see what I am doing with the tools.

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