Wikipedia's Gamergate article is a biased hit piece which makes a mockery of BLP and remains that way because of a systemic banning of users from the page who might bring it closer to NPOV, backed up by an Arbcom which treats taking money from anti-gamergate groups and posting in KotakuInAction as equally severe offenses. and contain extensive information on corruption in game journalism. Replace the 3 with an E because Wikipedia has unfairly marked the site in question as spam.

I submit the following from the GG wiki in protest. Links won't work but I'm too lazy to remove them.

PC Gamer writers will continue to be obliged to disclose any significant personal relationships with people whose work they might cover, with the expected outcome that they will no longer be assigned to that particular subject. In any situation in which the writer was still required to comment on the subject, full disclosure will be provided in the article.

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Reference: under CC BY-SA license.

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