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I am a 68-year-old American (WASP, male.) I have been a systems architect in the field of data communications software since 1970 and am now semi-retired. I am interested in computers, Open Source, Linux, science, science fiction, the singularity, nanotechnology, history, and just about everything, in approximately that order.

I am a radical Singularitarian. "Radical" means that I think the singularity is inevitable and that it will occur prior to 2020. I feel that human civilization is building a technological infrastructure that makes it increasingly easy to create a superintelligence, either explicitly or by accident. Wikipedia is possibly an important part of the infrastructure.

My first contribution to Wikipedia occurred on 10 July 2006.

In reviewing my edit history, I realize that I tend to edit primarily obscure areas having little to do with my stated interests, and much more to do with "cleaning up" in a broad sense. I add PG and Worldcat links, disambiguate, and occasionally add missing articles, mostly from material over 100 years old. I have created more than 125 articles, but many of these are simple DAB pages.

I have linked about 500 Project Gutenberg Authors: (Wikipedia:Project Gutenberg author list.)

I am also a disambiguator

disambiguation has come along way since I started doing this. If you want to help, please go to the daily problem page and just start working.

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