UEFA–CAF Meridian Cup

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The UEFA–CAF Meridian Cup was a football tournament that featured national teams from Europe and Africa among players under 18, and was part of the co-operation programme between UEFA and the CAF.

The UEFA–CAF Meridian Cup is part of the Meridian Project, a co-operation agreement concluded by the African and European football confederations in Lisbon on 30 January 1997 to promote the exchange of cultures and to offer young footballers a unique learning experience within the framework of a footballing festival. It is held every two years.

The competition evolved from its inception in 1997, running as an eight-team tournament until the 2005 event in Turkey after which the format was changed to a two-legged contest between two continental all-star U18 teams.[1] The last UEFA–CAF Meridian Cup also involved an educational component consisting of joint training sessions and meetings of coaches from Europe and Africa. The 2007 event took place in Barcelona, Spain, and was hosted on the premises of FC Barcelona.

The regulations for the UEFA–CAF Meridian Cup are initially drawn up by the UEFA Administration before being submitted to the Youth & Amateur Football Committee. They are then forwarded upon that committee's approval to the UEFA Executive Committee for ratification.

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