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The Great Trail, formerly known as Trans Canada Trail, is a cross-Canada system of greenways, waterways and roadways that stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic oceans. The roadway sections often have significant levels of vehicular traffic and some lack segregated pedestrian shoulders or walkways. The Trail extends over 24,000 kilometres, it is now the longest recreational, multi-use trail network in the world. The idea for the Trail began in 1992, shortly after the Canada 125 celebrations. Since then it has been supported by donations from individuals, corporations, foundations and all levels of government.

Trans Canada Trail is the name of the non-profit group that raises funds for the continued development of the Trail. However, the Trail is owned and operated at the local level.

On August 26, 2017, the Trail celebrated what was claimed to be its full connection with numerous events held throughout Canada. Trans Canada Trail has said it now plans to fully complete the Trail by making it more accessible, converting interim roadways to greenways, adding new spurs and loops to the Trail and funding emergency repairs when needed.

We will promote and assist in the development and use of The Great Trail - created by Trans Canada Trail and our partners - by supporting success at the local level in the continued improvement and enhancement of this national network.

The creation of the Trail was born of Canada's 125th anniversary celebrations in 1992. It has its counterparts in such other greenway routes as the 12 EuroVelo routes, the UK's National Cycle Network, and the United States Numbered Bicycle Routes network.

It has been funded largely by Canadian federal and provincial governments, with significant contributions from corporate and individual donors. The first province to have completed its designated section of the trail was Prince Edward Island (see Confederation Trail).

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