Fyodor Koriatovych

Fiodar Karyjatavič. Фёдар Карыятавіч.jpg
Fedir Koriatovych (Ukrainian: Федір Коріятович, Polish: Fiodor Koriatowic, Lithuanian: Teodoras Karijotaitis) (died 1414 in Mukacheve) was a Ruthenian prince of Lithuanian origins, son of Karijotas, Duke of Navahrudak, and grandson of Gediminas, Grand Duke of Lithuania.

Fedir inherited Navahrudak Castle from his father and after his other brothers died ca. 1389, became ruler of all Podolia as a result of the decisive victory at the Battle of Blue Waters.

In 1392 he disobeyed Vytautas the Great and was forced into exile. In 1396, Koriatovych purchased the city of Mukacheve, settling himself in the city's Palanok Castle, which would become one of the most protected castles in the region.

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