The Sentimental Agent

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The Sentimental Agent is a television drama series spin-off from Man of the World. It was produced in the United Kingdom in 1963 by Associated Television and distributed by ITC Entertainment. It stars Carlos Thompson as Argentinian Carlos Varela, a successful import-export agent based in London.

The series ran for 13 one-hour monochrome episodes. Some of the episodes were edited into a feature film Our Man in the Caribbean released in 1962.

Now based in London, Varela's company takes him into unusual and sometimes dangerous situations. Impeccably dressed, cigar smoking and using his wit, ingenuity, and charm, which would often involve a damsel in distress. Assisted by Chin, a resourceful Chinese manservant, and Miss Carter, an ultra-efficient secretary.

Later episodes introduced Bill Randall, a businessman, who became the boyfriend of Miss Carter and then an employee of Varela.

Carlos Thompson did not appear in production episodes 110, 111, 112, and only briefly at the beginning and end of 113.

Guest stars included: Warren Mitchell, Diana Rigg, Patrick Troughton, Ann Bell, Carol Cleveland, Annette Andre, and Donald Sutherland.

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