The Second Coming (The Sopranos)

"The Second Coming" is the 84th episode of the HBO television series The Sopranos, the seventh episode of the second half of the show's sixth season, and the 19th episode of the season overall. Written by Terence Winter and directed by Tim Van Patten, it originally aired in the United States on May 20, 2007.

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Tony is awakened when a sleepless A.J. turns on some rap music. Downstairs, Carmela recalls that Tony said he went to Las Vegas to wrap up some of Christopher's business there and mentions that his widow, Kelli, will need financial support now. When Tony shows up at Satriale's, a framed picture of Chris, taken on the set of Cleaver, has been put up on the wall by his crew. Tony wistfully tells the guys about his sex and peyote experience in Vegas, but, when they do not seem to be that captivated by it, he changes the subject.

Tony is accompanied by Silvio and Bobby as he goes to a sitdown with Phil in New York. Tony tries to reach a compromise with Phil about the asbestos removal project, but Phil refuses to consider anything else than his original position. Tony then tries appealing to his senses by publicly reminding him of the talk they had while Phil was in the hospital. Phil rejects Tony's offer out of hand and emphasizes the compromises he was already forced to make in his life, including his prison term. Tony reacts to Phil's stubbornness by taking his men Coco and Butchie off the payroll from another construction project. Butchie and Coco viciously beat the foreman and steal his wallet when he gives them the bad news.

FBI Agents Harris and Goddard visit Satriale's and ask Tony to look at some photos. Tony identifies Ahmed and Muhammad, who Harris says are possibly financing terrorism. Meanwhile, A.J. expresses his despair to his therapist, who asks him to consider a connection between his breakup with Blanca and the assault he witnessed which triggered the return of his depression. After reading W. B. Yeats' poem The Second Coming, A.J. begins expressing a pessimistic worldview. He attempts suicide in the family pool, but is rescued by Tony when he happens to return home. A.J. is put on Valium and admitted to a psychiatric ward.

When Tony talks to his crew about A.J.'s suicide attempt, Silvio, Patsy, and Carlo attempt to comfort him with stories of their own children's tough times. When Tony tells Carmela he feels depressed, an argument between them erupts. Carmela blames A.J.'s condition on Tony's family's genetic predisposition towards depression. In Dr. Melfi's office, Tony says he is ashamed of his son because of his suicide attempt and dismisses Melfi's suggestion that A.J. subconsciously didn't really want to die. Tony talks about the "Sopranos curse" that Carmela mentioned but refuses to shoulder all the blame. Melfi tells him Tony should understand his son, since he has dealt with depression himself.

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