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New Internationalist (NI) is an independent, non-profit, publishing co-operative, based in Oxford, United Kingdom. Predominantly known for its monthly independent magazine, it describes itself as existing to "cover stories the mainstream media sidestep and provide alternative perspectives on today's global critical issues." It covers social and environmental issues through its magazine, books and digital platforms.

New Internationalist magazine has existed for more than 40 years and currently is the largest magazine of its type in circulation in the United Kingdom. It has won the Utne Independent Press Award for "Best International Coverage" eight times, most recently in 2013 and an Amnesty International UK Media Awards 2012 award in the consumer magazine category as well as being recognised by the United Nations for its "outstanding contribution to world peace and development". In March 2017, New Internationalist published its 500th issue.

New Internationalist is a worker run co-op with a non-hierarchical structure and strict editorial and environmental policies.

New Internationalist magazine is published by New Internationalist Publications Limited, a co-operative-run publisher based in Oxford, United Kingdom.

It has editorial and sales offices in Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Adelaide, Australia; and Christchurch, New Zealand.

Originally, New Internationalist magazine was co-sponsored by Oxfam, Christian Aid and the Cadbury and Rowntree trusts. The magazine is now funded through subscriptions, advertisements, and product sales.

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