The Jewellery Channel

The Jewellery Channel
The Jewelry Channel (TJC) is a British falling-price auction-style home shopping channel and online retailer specialising in jewellery and gemstones. It is one of the main TV shopping channels in the UK. The channel launched on 4 April 2006, and currently broadcasts 24 hours a day.

The Jewelry Channel (TJC) is part of the Vaibhav Global Limited (VGL) group. The company mines and handcrafts many of the products sold on its TV networks, hence its claim to cut out the "middleman" and to attempt to undercut high-street prices.

On 14 January 2008, The Jewellery Channel moved from Teddington Studios to new purpose-built studios in Middlesex, simultaneously switching to widescreen-format broadcasting. It plans to broadcast in HDTV in the future.

On 11 April 2008, The Jewelry Channel launched delivery to the Republic of Ireland for the first time.

TJC sells a wide variety of gemstone jewellery, loose gemstones, watches, fashion jewellery and simulated gemstone pieces. They are one of the eight sightholders of the Tanzanite One mine.

They also sell their own jewellery brands:

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