List of Hollyoaks spin-offs

The following is a list of late night, DVD and spin-off series of Channel 4 soap-opera Hollyoaks. Each has a brief summary of the plot.

A video spin-off from 1998 which sees Rob Hawthorne seek revenge against Kurt Benson. The storyline comes to a dramatic conclusion with Rob and Kurt fighting on a boat. Rob rushes at Kurt, however he moves out of the way and Rob falls into the sea, with everyone believing he is dead. Music composed and performed by Steve Wright.

A video/DVD spin-off released in 2001. Geri Hudson arrives with footballer boyfriend Jason Cunliffe. In a club, Scott Anderson begins to chat Geri up. Luke Morgan steps in to stop him taking it too far, however just as Scott and his friends are about to throw Luke into the river, Scott tells his friends that he has a better idea; Scott and his friends pull Luke's trousers down to make fun of Luke's rape from the previous year. Ben Davies and Beth Morgan try to break Scott and Luke up before a fight breaks, which it does between Ben and Luke. Beth is later offered a lift by Scott, and then is raped. Music composed and performed by Steve Wright.

Four episodes broadcast in 1999 centring on the kidnapping of Lucy Benson by Rob Hawthorne and the desperate search by Ruth Osborne, Lewis Richardson and Tony Hutchinson.

Broadcast in 2000, Alex Bell, Max Cunningham, Ben Davies, Tony Hutchinson, Luke Morgan, Sam "O.B." O'Brien, Sol Patrick and Lewis Richardson make their way to Barcelona to celebrate Rory Finnigan's stag party before Finn marries Tony's Mother. Tony, however, has secretly enlisted the help of Carol Groves to convince Finn not to go ahead with the marriage.

Broadcast in March 2000, the late night special involves a 90s disco at the club where Ruth Osborne discovers Lewis Richardson's gambling addiction. Ruth and Lewis eventually end up sleeping together, despite Ruth's marriage to Kurt Benson. Meanwhile, after a football match, Mark Gibbs beats up Luke Morgan before raping him.

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