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Below is a list and summary of some of the deleted state highways (i.e., those with no current routing) as outlined by the Texas Department of Transportation designation files, indicated by having zero current mileage.

State Highway 1 ran from El Paso through Dallas to Texarkana. It was the first highway designated in 1917. In 1926, the United States Highway System was designated, with US 80 colocated from El Paso to Dallas and US 67 from Dallas to Texarkana. On September 26, 1939, the dual designations were removed, leaving TX 1 only on a small stretch west of Dallas. This section was redesignated as State Loop 260 on August 20, 1952. Since that time, the number "may only be assigned by the Executive Director of the Texas Department of Transportation or the Transportation Commission."

State Highway 2 was originally designated in 1917, running from Wichita Falls southeast to Fort Worth. The route then split in two at Waco, with one branch travelling southwest through Austin and San Antonio before ending at Laredo, while the eastern branch travelled southeast through Houston, ending at Galveston. The western route was assigned the US 81 routing in 1926, the northern portion of the eastern routing was transferred to TX 6, and the southern portion was transferred to US 75. The co-designation with US 81 was dropped completely on September 26, 1939.

State Highway 13 was originally designated in 1917, running through the Texas Panhandle along the Ozark Trail. It generally referenced the routing due west from Amarillo to the New Mexico state line. In 1926, US Route 66 was co-located along the route. The co-designation was dropped completely on September 26, 1939.

State Highway 28 was designated on September 3, 1917, on a route that ran across the southern Texas Panhandle from Farwell to Mineral Wells. On January 20, 1919, a branch, SH 28A, was designated from Crowell through Vernon to the Oklahoma border. On July 18, 1922, a branch to Sagerton was added. On August 21, 1923, the section from Crowell to Sagerton was renumbered as SH 51 and the branch to Mineral Wellswas renumbered as SH 24. SH 28 was instead rerouted over SH 28A through Vernon to the Oklahoma border. US 70 was co-located along the entire route, except for the small branch northeast of Vernon. This branch was assigned to US 183 in 1938. On August 4, 1932, SH 28 Loop was designated through Lockney. On August 1, 1936, a SH 28 Spur was added on top of the SH 28 Loop. On November 16, 1937, another SH 28 Spur was designated in Olton. All co-designations with US Routes were removed completely on September 26, 1939. SH 28 Spur and SH 28 Loop became Spur 9 (Olton) and Loop 75 (Lockney).

State Highway 38 has been designated three times. The first route was designated on May 20, 1918, from Greenville north and east through Honey Grove to the Oklahoma border. On February 19, 1919, the route extended south to Terrell. On April 20, 1919, the route extended southwest to Ennis. On August 17, 1923, the sections south of Kaufman and north of Greenville were cancelled. On December 17, 1923, this route was cancelled, as it became the northern extension of TX 34. The route was re-designated as a spur from TX 43 to Beckville. On October 20, 1924, this route became part of rerouted SH 8. The route was re-designated on January 22, 1930, on a route from Sugar Land southeast to Alvin. On June 25, 1930, it extended southeast to Galveston over part of TX 58. SH 38 Spur was designated on April 25, 1933 to Sugarland. On December 21, 1936, SH 38 extended north to Hempstead. On September 26, 1939, this routing became the southern extension of TX 6 when it was rerouted around the western side of Houston. SH 38 Spur was renumbered Spur 58.

SH 38A was designated on February 27, 1919, from Ladonia to Paris. By 1926, this route was cancelled.

State Highway 52 was designated on August 21, 1923, from Hedley through Wellington to the Oklahoma border as a renumbering of a section of TX 13. By 1930, everything west of Wellington was cancelled. On November 30, 1932, it extended to Hedley again. The section west of Wellington was renumbered again as TX 203 on March 13, 1934, and this numbering replaced the rest of TX 52 on September 26, 1945.

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