Tech camp

Tech Camp is a company in the South of England specialising in courses for children and teens on subjects such as video game design, robotics, coding and programming. They specialise in Summer courses for students aged 9-17.

Tech Camp is the longest running UK provider of Tech Camps, and was founded in 2008 by Tom Ward. They now run many courses at various venues in the South of England during school holiday season.

Tech Camp run a variety of programming, electronics and robotics courses ranging from 1 to 5 days which changes yearly, focusing on courses with a practical element where students take home equipment to continue learning after the course has finished. They specialise in developing custom electronics and hardware for soldering and robotics projects, such as laser tag guns and robotics kits.

Tech Camp are a leading provider of residential Summer camps, at their residential base at Sparsholt College in Hampshire. They offer escorted airport transfers and have a large proportion of international students, often staying for several weeks of courses.

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