Tanasije Dinić

Tanasije Dinić (1891-1946) was a Serbian military officer and later Minister of Internal Affairs, in the collaborationist regime established in occupied Serbia by Nazi Germany, the Government of National Salvation. Dinić held the rank of lieutenant-colonel in the Royal Yugoslav Army and was a British sympathizer before and during World War II. He became a member of the fascist Yugoslav National Movement in order to report to the British Foreign Office, SOE and MI6 German plans for the Balkans. Following the invasion of Yugoslavia, he held the post of minister of interior in Milan Nedić's pro-Axis government. Dinić became the minister of social policy and people's health in 1943, and was later captured by Americans near Vienna after war, interrogated, flown back to Belgrade, and handed over to the Communists. After the trial and sentencing, along with General Dragoljub Mihailović executed by firing squad were Tanasije Dinić, Velibor Janić, Boško Pavlović, Dragomir Jovanović, Miloš Glišić, Rade Radić, General Kosta Mušicki, General Djuro Dokić, all on the same day, 17 July 1946.

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