Takebe Kenkō

Takebe Katahiro (建部 賢弘, 1664 – August 24, 1739), also known as Takebe Kenkō, was a Japanese mathematician and cartographer during the Edo period.

Takebe was the favorite student of the Japanese mathematician Seki Takakazu Takebe is considered to have extended and disseminated Seki's work.

In 1706, Takebe was offered a position in the Tokugawa shogunate's department of ceremonies.

In 1719, Takebe's new map of Japan was completed; and the work was highly valued for its quality and detail.

Shōgun Yoshimune honored Takebe with rank and successively better positions in the shogunate.

Takebe played critical role in the development of the Enri (円理, "circle principle") - a crude analogon to the western calculus. He also created charts for trigonometric functions.

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