Diane Solomon

Diane Solomon is an American singer, songwriter and nutritionist, who was part of the group who represented Luxembourg in the Eurovision Song Contest 1985, in which they sang "Children, Kinder, Enfants". They received 37 points and finished in thirteenth place.

After gaining a BSC at the University of Oregon, majoring in communications and theatre arts, she arrived in the United Kingdom in the early 1970s, intending to enter the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. But before she was able to, she was "discovered" by a BBC executive (John R King) playing her guitar and singing country and folk songs at a private New Year's party in London. Following a successful screen test, she was awarded her own television programme, The Diane Solomon Show, on BBC One. The first was an hour long special filled with songs and interviews, which aired on December 24, 1974, with guests including Demis Roussos, Spike Milligan and Arthur Negus. Her 1975 album, Take Two, reached #26 in the UK Albums Chart.

She is now resident in New Hampshire, United States, and still sings and writes, as well as practising in the fields of nutrition and homeopathy.

Take Two is the second album by American singer, songwriter and nutritionist Diane Solomon released in 1975 on the Philips label. Take Two reached No. 26 in the UK Albums Chart.

Side One

Side Two

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