Swingin' with Raymond

Swingin' with Raymond is the seventh studio album by anarchist punk band Chumbawamba. The album cover features a photograph of Raymond Mills, whom the band selected for his tattooed hands.

The first half (tracks 1–6), entitled "Love It", features folk-styled love songs, sung by Lou Watts and featuring acoustic guitars and violin; Chris Nickson, an Allmusic critic, described the first half of the album as "ironic," commenting that the songs are "about the love of ideas -- even love itself becomes an idea." The second half (tracks 7–13), entitled "Hate It", features the other vocalists, faster rhythms, trumpet and louder guitars; Nickson felt that the second half contained "strong melodies and choruses." To complement the disparity between the two halves, the cover features a man on the album with "LOVE" and "HATE" tattooed on his knuckles. Some versions of the LP featured two separate discs, one for each part.

The album was met with mixed to positive reviews from critics. AllMusic's Chris Nickson felt that, although the instrumentation occasionally overpowers the lyrics, the album as a whole is artistically successful, concluding that "once again, pop meets politics and, as has to be the case with any good anarchist collective, the politics win -- but you can still think and dance while you listen."

The album was less successful in the UK than its predecessor, Anarchy, which had entered the top 40. Swingin' with Raymond peaked at number 70 on the UK Albums Chart, spending only one week on the tally.

All songs written and arranged by Chumbawamba.

Production by Chumbawamba and Neil Ferguson.

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