StreetScooter GmbH is an electric vehicle manufacturer located in Aachen, Germany. In December 2014 Deutsche Post DHL Group announced that it was purchasing the company. Deutsche Post DHL Group explained that electric vehicles were part of GoGreen initiative to reduce CO2 emissions. In addition to replacing diesel powered vans with the electric vehicles in their own fleet, Deutsche Post DHL/StreetScooter plans to market the products to other potential customers starting in 2017.

In June 2010, Achim Kampker, together with G√ľnther Schuh, founded Street Scooter GmbH; (in August 2014, it was renamed StreetScooter GmbH). This was a privately organized research initiative at the RWTH Aachen University which later became an independent company in Aachen. Kampker was also the founder and chairman of the European Network for Affordable and Sustainable Electromobility. In May 2014, the company announced that the city of Aachen, the city council Aachen and the savings bank Aachen had ordered electric vehicles from the company.

In December 2014, approximately 70 employees were manufacturing 200 vehicles annually in the premises of the Waggonfabrik Talbot, the former Talbot/Bombardier plant in Aachen. At that time, Deutsche Post DHL Group purchased the StreetScooter company, which became its wholly owned subsidiary.

The company made an announcement in April 2016 of its intention to begin larger scale production of the StreetScooter Work model with 2,000 to be produced by the end of that year. In future, electric vans with a much greater range will be required to achieve the goal of replacing the entire Deutsche Post and DHL Express fleet of approximately 70,000 vehicles with electric StreetScooters.

In April 2016, Deutsche Post DHL Group announced that StreetScooter GmbH would be scaling up to manufacture approximately 10,000 of the Work vehicles annually, starting in 2017. If that goal is achieved, it would become the largest electric light utility vehicle manufacturer in Europe, surpassing Renault which makes the Kangoo Z.E. and other models.

Deutsche Post's 2016 annual report indicates that it plans to replace its fleet of delivery vehicles in Germany with the electric StreetScooter products "in the medium term". Electric vans and trucks with a much greater range will be required to achieve the very long term goal of replacing the Group's entire fleet of approximately 70,000 vehicles with electric StreetScooter vehicles.

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