Strawn-Wagner Diamond

The Strawn-Wagner Diamond is one of a relatively few colorless, internally flawless diamonds found so far in the world, weighing 3.09 carat (620 mg). It was found in 1990 by Shirley Strawn of Murfreesboro, Arkansas, in the Crater of Diamonds State Park public search field. It was cut to 1.09 carats (220 mg) in 1997, and graded a "perfect" 0/0/0 by the American Gem Society in 1998 and graded perfect by the Gemological Institute of America, making it the first diamond from Arkansas to receive such an AGS grading. The diamond is considered one-in-a-billion, according to Peter Yantzer, the AGS Laboratory Director.

The diamond is currently on exhibit at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas after the park purchased it for $34,700.

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