Sreebala K. Menon

Kerala State Film Award

19, canal Road, Slyviaplathinte master piece, Panthibhojanam (short film)

Sreebala K Menon is a Malayali Author and Filmmaker who won the 2005 Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award -'Best Humor writing '- for her book 19, Canal Road. She has published a collection of short stories named 'Slyviaplathinte Masterpiece' by Mathrubhumi Books. Love 24x7, her debut movie in Malayalam won her Kerala State Film Award and Ramu Kariat Award. (Best debutant director 2015) She is married to Jimmy James ;Senior News Editor;Asianet News.

Sreebala has done her post-graduation in English literature from Madras University . She got trained in science and development communication at C-DIT, Trivandrum.

Sreebala K. menon has directed the film Love 24x7, Starring Dileep and debutante Nikhila Vimal in lead roles while Suhasini, Sashi Kumar, Lena and Sreenivasan plays the supporting roles. Love 24x7 is a romantic comedy film written by Sreebala herself. The movie won her Kerala State Film award and Ramu Kariat award for best debutant director 2015 .Sreebala's 20-minute short film in 2009 Panthibhojanam, received good reviews for its take on caste. The theme of the film draws on different ideas of food; shared food between friends, food that is untouchable for one caste, but a delicacy for another, and the food of the community feast that can be collectively cooked and eaten. Her short film Journey from Darkness to Light won third prize at the Ability Fest 2005. Menon worked with director Sathyan Anthikad on many movies. Sreebala is an entrant member of the female directors league based in Malayalam.

In 28 April 2004, Sreebala approached the State Women's Commission (SWC) against the residents' association office-bearers of her flat complex, alleging that they have been intruding into her personal life to the point of harassment. The complaint was filed jointly by the owner of the flat, Dr J. Devika, a researcher at the Centre for Development Studies and Ms. Menon to whom she had let out the flat. Since she was single woman, visitors to her flat were asked to jot down their names in a book, which she considered to be a breach of her privacy.

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