Some Kinda Rush

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"Some Kinda Rush" is the fourth single by the UK dance duo Booty Luv. It was released in the UK on 24 December 2007 as the fourth single from their debut album Boogie 2nite. It is the first original single release from the duo, and is written and produced by Swedish producer Carl Rydén with songwriting credits from both group members, Nadia and Cherise as well as Samantha Powell (aka Sammy Jay)

The music video features Nadia Shepherd and Cherise Roberts driving around in a car for most of the video. At the start the camera is zoomed in on a key ring attached to the back pocket of Nadia's jeans pocket, the key ring says Booty Luv. Nadia and Cherise get into a car and begin driving, they drive on when the background changes to a scene where there are snow-capped mountains in the background. The outfits Booty Luv are wearing change with the setting and they are then wearing thick coats with gloves and hats, the kind of clothes suitable for such conditions. Towards the end of the video they go into a desert and their outfits change into blouses and T-shirts, the same clothes they were wearing at the start of the video. They drive into Las Vegas, the camera also cuts to shots that point down Nadia and Cherises tops (which at this time is focused on their cleavage). At the end Booty Luv get out of the car and walk off leaving the car behind, the background changes back to a simple indoor studio wallpaper.





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