List of Crayon Shin-chan characters

This is the list of Crayon Shin-chan's characters.

In the Japanese anime, the school is called Futaba Kindergarten (ふたば幼稚園, Futaba Yōchien, named after the comics publisher, Futabasha). In the Funimation dub, it is renamed to Super Happy Fun Time American School. Funimation head writer Jared Hedges states that the Americanization of the school was done to use the characters as an outlet for American humor and references while keeping the show location in Japan.

The Rose Class is a class handled by Ume Matsuzaka. A recurring theme in the show is that Rose class is always in competition with Sunflower Class in activities such as Baseball, Soccer, Trekking, etc. Another recurring joke about Rose Class is that whenever they have a competition, they would always reveal a member of the class with exceptional talent in that field. However, they are still beaten most of the time in competition with the Sunflower Class.

A gang of high school girls who run into Shin-chan often, with dire consequences. Supposedly their gang rivals other girl gangs. Shin-chan firmly believes them to be an aspiring group of comedians.

The Nohara family had to temporarily move into an old apartment complex called Matazuresou (またずれ荘, Matazuresō), when their house was being reconstructed after a gas explosion that destroyed it completely. During this time, the Noharas became acquainted with most of the neighboring residents. The name literally translates to "It looks like it will fall apart again." A real apartment complex in Kobe was named Matazuresou since the owner was a big fan of this comic. The English Funimation dub uses the play-on-words "Falling Apartments".

SHIN-MEN is Crayon Shin-chan's take on the five person tokusatsu programs like the Super Sentai Series with five members that all look like Shin-Chan fighting the evil TON-MEN (who all look like Buriburizaemon) in an alternate reality signified by a markedly different style of animation.

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