Shattered Visage

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The Prisoner: Shattered Visage is a four-issue comic book mini-series based on The Prisoner, the 1967 television series created by and starring Patrick McGoohan. The name is a reference to Percy Shelley's famous sonnet Ozymandias, which forms part of the introduction.

The series was illustrated by Mister X creator Dean Motter and co-written with Mark Askwith. It was later collected as a 208-page trade paperback, with the addition of a new prologue.

Set twenty years after the final episode of the television series, Shattered Visage follows former secret agent Alice Drake as she is shipwrecked on the shores of the Village and encounters an aged Number Six. While the decades-old conflict unfolds between Six and Number Two (as played by Leo McKern in the TV series), secret agents in London have their own plans regarding the intelligence mine that is The Village, as well as the secret lying at its very core. The trade paperback included a two-page text piece that explained the surreal final episode, "Fall Out" as drug-induced hallucination.

The likenesses of McGoohan and Leo McKern were featured for their characters’ returns. ITC Entertainment subjected the comic to a thorough evaluation. The contract required that each page of art and each complete issue be sent to the notoriously critical series creator, Patrick McGoohan, for his signed approval. McGoohan signed off on the material without comment and ITC later informed Motter, "He didn't hate it." McKern sent Motter a note saying he was flattered to be a "comic book villain" for the first time.

Former secret agent Alice Drake, now an adventurer, prepares to embark upon a round-the-world sailing expedition. Her daughter, Meagan, is left in the care of her estranged husband Thomas, a secret service officer. Thomas is conducting research on the Village, a retirement facility for British spies that, in 1967, became focused on interrogating Number Six to determine the extent of his secret information and intent. Their final, unsuccessful effort was a surreal, drug-enhanced psychodrama in which Number Two (Leo McKern) staged his own death and resurrection. Shortly afterwards, the Village was evacuated by UN troops, but Six was not among the inmates released and his whereabouts remain unknown.

Two was jailed for violating the Official Secrets Act and, while in prison, wrote a tell-all book about the Village which Thomas personally altered to redact classified information. With Two's twenty-year sentence ending, Thomas fears that he will return to the Village and will do something that will expose British covert operations. Meanwhile, Alice runs into a storm and finds herself shipwrecked on the island where the Village is located. Seeking help, Alice explores the Village and enters Two's house, where she finds a giant domed room. In the oval-shaped center chair sits a bearded man who tells her where she is and that she is Number Six. This man is the former, original Six.

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