Seo District, Daegu

Seo District (Seo-gu, 서구) is a gu, or district, in western Daegu, South Korea. A major transportation nexus, it is transected by the Gyeongbu, Guma, and Jungang Expressways. It is also connected to the downtown region and to Dalseong County by Daegu Subway Line 2. The Gyeongbu Line railroad also passes through Seo-gu, but no major stations are located there.

Seo-gu stands at the western edge of Daegu's urbanized region. It is bounded by the downtown Jung-gu district to the east, by Dalseo-gu to the south and Buk-gu to the north, and by the largely rural area of Dalseong-gun to the west. Most of the western third of Seo-gu is taken up by the rural Sangjungi-dong precinct.

Seo District, Daegu has the following sister cities:

Coordinates: 35°52′N 128°34′E / 35.87°N 128.56°E / 35.87; 128.56

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