Seklusyon (lit. Seclusion) is a 2016 Filipino horror thriller film directed by Erik Matti. The film is under the production of Reality Entertainment. It stars Rhed Bustamante, Neil Ryan Sese, Ronnie Alonte, Lou Veloso, Phoebe Walker, Dominic Roque, Elora Españo, John Vic De Guzman, JR Versales, Jerry O'Hara, Sherry Lara and Teroy Guzman. It is an official entry to the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival, where it won 9 categories, including "Best Director" award for Erik Matti.

The film is Erik Matti's third MMFF entry in recent years after his 2014 film Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2, and 2015 film Honor Thy Father which was the subject of controversy that year when it was disqualified from the "Best Picture" category of the festival's award.

In 1947, Padre Ricardo (Neil Ryan Sese) arrives at a marketplace to investigate people whose ailments were miraculously healed by a child named Anghela Sta. Ana (Rhed Bustamante), who is assisted by a mysterious nun, Sister Cecilia (Phoebe Walker). Ricardo becomes suspicious of Anghela's powers; every time she heals someone, black liquid drips from her mouth.

Miguel (Ronnie Alonte), a deacon, arrives at a monastery and meets Sandoval (Lou Veloso), a former priest who has been excommunicated by the bishop. Sandoval tells him about the old ritual where deacons or aspiring priests are sent in a secluded area on the last seven days of their training, the purpose of which is to shield them from evil, for it is believed that the last seven days is when they are most vulnerable to the influence of the devil. While in seclusion, Miguel meets fellow deacons, Carlo, Fabián, and Marco.

While in a church, Padre Ricardo discovers a bloodied Anghela, her parents having been murdered. The bishop orders that Anghela and Cecilia be moved together to a secluded place - the same monastery where the deacons are undergoing their training - despite Ricardo's protests about his suspicions of Cecilia. However, the bishop allows Ricardo to continue his investigation.

Sandoval at first refuses to let Anghela and Sister Cecilia stay, as they will disrupt the deacons' training, but later begrudgingly agrees because he is told that their stay is under the order of the bishop. Anghela uses her powers to make their bread, which had gone moldy and spoiled, edible again, as well as turning the tap water into wine. The deacons - except Miguel - are impressed with her powers, seeing it as miraculous.

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