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Sea of Treachery (formerly known as At Daggers Drawn) is an American metalcore/deathcore band from Hebron, Kentucky formed in 2004. Since forming, they have released three EPs and two full-length studio albums, the first being At Daggers Drawn, which was released on April 29, 2008 on Sumerian Records, and the second being Wonderland, released on December 14, 2010 on Blkheart Group.[1] The digital version of Wonderland, featuring a bonus track, was released January 4, 2011.[2] In early 2012, the band had reformed with the original line-up who were on the At Daggers Drawn record, played a reunion show in Newport, Kentucky, and have also announced more shows around the tri-state area.

The band showcases many forms of extreme metal in their overall delivery. On At Daggers Drawn, the songs contained elements from metalcore (breakdowns, screamed vocals, etc.), deathcore (blast beats, deep growls, highs, etc.), and post-hardcore (clean vocals, choruses, etc.). Wonderland showed even more musical progression, taking the elements from At Daggers Drawn and combining more technical guitar work and an overall technical song structure. The clean vocals on Wonderland also had more of a rougher, hard rock sound to it than the clean vocals on At Daggers Drawn.

Their debut album, At Daggers Drawn, was released April 29, 2008.[3] Prior to this, under the name At Daggers Drawn, the band had released an EP in 2006 entitled All Hope Is Lost and an 11 track CD entitled The First Eulogy. Many of the songs from The First Eulogy were re-released on At Daggers Drawn following a line-up change and subsequent signing to Sumerian Records. All of these early recordings were produced by Joey Sturgis in Connersville, Indiana. After several lineup changes, that included the return of original vocalist, Alex Huffman, the band relocated to San Diego, California. In September 2009, Sumerian dropped Sea of Treachery from the roster after the label had lost confidence in the band.[4] The band began writing their second album while in Southern California.

On the June 15, 2009, the band released a demo of the song "Skin Deep" (featuring Johnny Plague of Winds of Plague) on their MySpace. This was followed by another upload of another song (titled "The Comedian Is Dead") on the June 27, 2009. Both of these songs were re-recorded and appear on Wonderland. The album version of "Skin Deep" does not feature Johnny Plague.

On October 7, 2010, the band announced that they had signed to BlkHeart Group and that their second album Wonderland would be released December 14, 2010.[1][5] In November 2010, BlkHeart Group released the album art for Wonderland and on November 16, the band released the album's first single, "A Lifetime Ago". On December 3, 2010, the band released a second track from Wonderland, entitled "Who's Winning, You or You?" on their Facebook page.

It was announced on March 17, 2012 that The original Sea of Treachery line up had reformed to write new music and tour.

In April 2012, Sea of Treachery was declared unsigned once again due to BlkHeart Group closing its doors,.[6]

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