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Known by its initials SIG, SIG Holding AG was previously known as Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft (German for Swiss Industrial Company, in French as Société Industrielle Suisse, in Italian as Societa Industriale Svizzera). SIG Holding AG has been active in various businesses during its more than 170 years of operation. Since 2000 the company has undergone strategic refocus, selling the SIG Sauer branches to L&O Holding and its remaining firearms business which became Swissarms.

Today SIG comprises three division: SIG Combibloc which provides aseptic carton packaging and filling machines for liquid products, SIG Pack which provides packaging for food, health, and beauty products, and SIG Beverages which provides turnkey beverage solutions.

On 5 November 2007, SIG Holding AG was acquired by Rank Group NZ, the private investment company of businessman Graeme Hart. Rank announced the sale of SIG Holding AG to ONEX Corporation on 24 November 2014.

The origins of the SIG-Sauer company lie in the company named Schweizerische Waggon Fabrik or Swiss Wagon Factory (in English) which was founded in 1853 by Friedrich Peyer im Hof, Heinrich Moser and Johann Conrad Neher. In 1860 a state-of-the-art rifle of their creation won a competition by Switzerland's Federal Ministry of Defence, resulting in the award of a contract to produce 30,000 Prelaz-Burnand rifles. The Prélaz-Burnand 1859 was invented by gunsmith Jean-Louis Joseph Prélaz and an army officer Edouard Burnand and adopted as rifle M1863 (15,566 made by SIG).

Upon receiving the contract to produce rifles the company name was changed to Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft (SIG), German for "Swiss Industrial Company" (in French regions of Switzerland was known as Société Industrielle Suisse). reflecting the new emphasis on their production.

SIG produced other firearms and pioneered the first automatic rifle, the Mondragón Rifle, which was produced by SIG between 1908 and 1910.

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