Schleicher ASH 25

The ASH 25 is a two-seater high performance Open Class glider manufactured by Alexander Schleicher until September 2008, originally with a 25-metre wingspan.

Designer Martin Heide (the 'H' in the type designation) combined the wing of the World Championship winning single-seater Schleicher ASW 22 with a fuselage derived from the Akaflieg Stuttgart FS-31 which had particularly low drag. The prototype was designated 'AS 22-2'. The span was increased in later versions to 25.6 or 26 metres with winglets.

A 'turbo' version was also developed, the ASH 25E, followed by the self-launching ASH 25 Mi with a large retractable propeller and a Wankel engine. It was superseded in production by the ASH 30.

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