San Julián Air Base

MUSJ is located in Cuba
Coat of Arms of Cuba
San Julián Air Base or Base Aérea San Julián (IATA: SNJ, ICAO: MUSJ) is a military air base located approximately 8 mi (13 km) southwest of the city of Guane a municipality in the province of Pinar del Río in Cuba. The provincial capital, Pinar del Río is located to the northeast approximately 36 mi (58 km) with the capital of Havana also to the northeast 134 mi (216 km).

The 23.Regimiento de Caza operating Russian Mig-23ML aircraft

On December 9, 1941, Cuba declared war on the Empire of Japan.

On December 11, 1941, Cuba and the United States of America, Costa Rica, The Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Nicaragua declare war on Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy.

On January 14, 1942, the Cuban Secretary of State (José Manuel Cortina) indicates in a diplomatic message to the American Chargé in Cuba (Ellis O. Briggs) the following "I take pleasure in advising you that the Government of Cuba, inspired by the lofty sentiments of cooperation and alliance which joins the Cuban Nation with the United States of America in the present war, engaged in the territorial defense of America and of every one of the American nations, as well as of the principles of democracy and of the liberty of the peoples, has accepted the suggestions of your Government which were transmitted by the Embassy in the above-mentioned notes." The above-mentioned notes were two and included 5 specific points of suggestion including in part: Stationing of US Aviation Corps Detachments in certain airfields (i.e. La Fé, in the Province of Pinar del Río; Rancho Boyeros, in the Province of Habana; and in Camagüey); Permission to use Cuban landing fields; Permission to take photographs of Cuban territory for aerial navigation charts, etc.

On June 18, the United States established Naval Air Facility (NAF) La Fé, Cuba. The US NAVY Code Word for La Fé was HUMPBACK. U.S. Navy bases in Cuba fell under the command of the Gulf Sea Frontier headquartered at Miami, Florida (after a brief stint based at Key West).

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