Samuel Lysons (priest)

Canon Samuel Lysons (1806–1877) was an antiquarian and early proponent of British Israelism.

Canon Samuel Lysons was the eldest surviving son of Daniel Lysons. His uncle was the famous English engraver Samuel Lysons. The Lyson's family was prominent and well known within Gloucestershire from the 17th century onwards, having connections with the parishes of Rodmarton and Cherington. Canon Samuel Lysons became rector of Rodmarton of which he was patron, in 1833. In 1841 he arranged the construction of St Luke's Church in the expanding area of Gloucester known as High Orchard. He was also a successful author, his Our British Ancestors (1865) received good reviews and was considered an early text on British Israelism. From November 1865 he was rural dean of Gloucester and two years later he was appointed as an honorary canon of Gloucester Cathedral. He married three times and had six children all by his first wife, Eliza Sophia Moore. He died on 27 March 1877.

The Romans in Gloucestershire (1860)
Gloucestershire Illustrations (1861)

Our British Ancestors: Who and what were they (1865)

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