Saint Warinus

Warinus of Poitiers (also Warin, Guerin, Gerinus, Varinus; d. 677 AD) was the Franco-Burgundian Count of Poitiers and Count of Paris and later Saint Warinus, Martyr of the Franks.[1][2][3] He was the son of Saint Sigrada of Sainte-Marie de Soissons and the brother of Saint Leodegarius.[1][4] He was the father of Saint Leudwinus.[2][4]

In 677 A.D., Warinus was stoned to death near Arras because of a feud between his brother Leodegarius and Ebroin, the Frankish Mayor of the Palace of Neustria.[1][3][4]

Warinus was born in Autun, Saône-et-Loire, Burgundy.[1][4] He was the son of Bodilon, a Count of Poitiers and Sigrada of Alsace, and Sainte-Marie de Soissons.[1][4] He was the founder of the famous noble family of the Guideschi.[citation needed]

As a nobleman, Warinus spent his childhood at the court of Clotaire II.[1]

He married Gunza von Treves, a Frankish noblewoman in France.[1][4] His wife came from an influential Frankish family and was the sister of Saint Basinus of Treves. They had three children:

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