Superfamily database

SUPERFAMILY is a database of structural and functional annotation for all proteins and genomes. It classifies amino acid sequences into known structural domains, especially into SCOP superfamilies. Domains are functional, structural, and evolutionary units that form proteins. Domains of common Ancestry are grouped into superfamilies. The domains and domain superfamilies are defined and described in SCOP. Superfamilies are groups of proteins which have structural evidence to support a common evolutionary ancestor but may not have detectable sequence homology.

The SUPERFAMILY annotation is based on a collection of hidden Markov models (HMM), which represent structural protein domains at the SCOP superfamily level. A superfamily groups together domains which have an evolutionary relationship. The annotation is produced by scanning protein sequences from completely sequenced genomes against the hidden Markov models.

For each protein you can:

For each genome you can:

For each superfamily you can:

All annotation, models and the database dump are freely available for download to everyone.

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