STET – Società Finanziaria Telefonica

STET – Società Finanziaria Telefonica (STET - Telephonic Financial Company in English) was an Italian company that operated in the telecommunications sector. It was IRI's holding company for this sector.

STET was founded by IRI on October 21 of 1933 as the "STET - Società Torinese per l'Esercizio Telefonico" and was based in Turin with headquarters in Rome. The aim of the company was to address technical, administrative and accounting of all state's company for telephone services and for public telecommunications services in Italy.

In 1964 fostered the born of the research center CSELT to modernize the italian phone service. In the late 60ies the group company Selenia produced the first european minicomputer: the Selenia Gp-16.

In 1992, with the privatization carried out by first Amato government is changed to be "STET - Società Finanziaria Telefonica S.p.A".

In 1993 STET's managing director, Miro Allione left the company to create Stream, one of the largest pay TV and digital satellite television networks in Italy.

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