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SOHO China Limited is China's leading prime office landlord, with iconic, landmark design acclaimed in China and internationally. The company was founded in 1995 by Chairman Pan Shiyi (潘石屹) and CEO Zhang Xin (张欣). The couple was ranked the 21st richest 'person' in China by Forbes in 2012.

SOHO China focuses on developing properties in the central business districts of Beijing and Shanghai. SOHO China developments are known for modern iconic architecture, the company collaborates with internationally recognized architects such as Pritzker Architecture Prize winning architect Zaha Hadid and Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. The company has developed over five million square meters of commercial properties.

The company uses the name "SOHO" in both English and Chinese contexts.

Since 2009 the company has successfully expanded into and established its presence in Shanghai. SOHO China also has built internationally recognized avant garde projects, Commune by the Great Wall in Beijing and Boao Canal Village in Hainan Island.

SOHO China is China's only pure prime office developer. Shifting from “build to sell” to “build to hold” to seize the long-term value of its properties in 2012, the company is now holding 1.4 million square meters of prime office spaces in Beijing and Shanghai for long-term investment.

Within 10 years of the company's founding, it became the largest property developer in China. SOHO China found its identity in 2000, with the advent of the Internet and the entrepreneurial excitement that followed. Small scale start-ups formed in abundance around China, and these burgeoning business needed a space to work. The name SOHO comes from the phrase “Smart Office, Home Office” as the company decided to combine office rooms and residential apartments in the same building to facilitate a comfortable and productive environment.

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