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SOHO China Limited founded in 1995, is the largest prime office real-estate developer in China, with corporate headquarters in Chaowai SOHO in Chaoyang District. The company is incorporated in Cayman Islands. The founders are Pan Shiyi (潘石屹), a former Oil Ministry employee, and his wife Zhang Xin (张欣), a former Goldman Sachs employee. The couple ranked the 21st richest 'person' in China a Forbes ranking in 2012.

SOHO China focuses on developing properties in the central business districts of Beijing and Shanghai. SOHO China developments are known for modern iconic architecture, the company collaborates with internationally recognized architects such as Pritzker Architecture Prize winning architect Zaha Hadid and Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. As of 2012 has a development portfolio of 5.2 million square meters.

The company uses the name "SOHO" in both English and Chinese contexts. According to the company itself, "SOHO" originally stood for "small office, home office", referring to the dual-use nature of its developments.

SOHO China has a total of 18 properties in Beijing. Since 2009 the Company has successfully expanded into and established its presence in Shanghai, through the acquisition and development of a total of 11 properties. SOHO China's completed projects and projects currently under construction in Beijing include: SOHO New Town, Jianwai SOHO, SOHO Shangdu - designed by Lab Architecture Studio, Chaowai SOHO, Guanghualu SOHO, Guanghualu SOHO II, Beijing SOHO Residences, ZhongGuanCun SOHO, Sanlitun SOHO, Qianmen Avenue, Chaoyangmen SOHO I, Chaoyangmen SOHO II, and Galaxy SOHO (formerly, Chaoyangmen SOHO III). SOHO China also has built internationally recognized avant garde projects, Commune by the Great Wall in Beijing and Boao Canal Village in Boao, Hainan Island.

SOHO China developments have attained tremendous commercial success, in large part due to the company's ability to roll out high-quality, innovative products in prime locations, specifically catering to China’s high-net-worth individuals and urban professionals. SOHO China is China's only pure prime office developer.

In August 2012, the Company announced a shift in business model from “build to sell” to “build to hold” to seize the growth in value of SOHO China properties. SOHO China has a current investment portfolio of 1.7 million square meters in China’s leading cities, and will be the largest landlord on the Bund in Shanghai.

On 8 October 2007, SOHO China was listed in the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong with a capital raising of HK$12.8 billion, approximately US$1.9 billion.

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