Ryō Hirohashi

Ryō Hirohashi (広橋 涼, Hirohashi Ryō, born August 5, 1977) is a Japanese voice actress affiliated with Aoni Production.

She was born in Niigata Prefecture and is from a Buddhist household. For family reasons, she attended Ryukoku University, a Buddhist university in Kyoto, but was told, "You can do what you like even if it is not related to Buddhism" by her family in the middle of the first year, and so she groped for what she wanted to do. When she was in her second year, she remembered the radio she had heard in middle school, became interested in voice actors, and attended Aoni Juku Osaka School in parallel with the university. It was because the radio personality she heard in middle school was a voice actor, that she yearned to be a voice actress, admiring the fact there was a job "like that."

She is from a 16th graduating class of the Aoni Juku Osaka School. In 2002, she made her voice acting debut in the anime series Aquarian Age: Sign for Evolution. In February 2007, her profile was posted on Aoni Juku Osaka School's "graduates & regular members" page.

She mainly voices young girls and young boys.

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