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Russell Veh (real name unknown) (born 1950) was the leader of the neo-Nazi National Socialist League from 1974 until its disappearance in the mid-1980s. The National Socialist League was a party with membership restricted to white men only, and it was responsible for the distribution of Nazi propaganda films and White supremacist literature.

Veh was a native of Toledo, Ohio and founded the Ohio Nationalist Party in 1970, renamed the American White Nationalist Party in 1971. The organization was short lived, however, and he moved to California in 1974.

Veh managed to get the party advertised in the historically gay Bay Area Reporter newspaper and the gay leather magazine Drummer. Veh and his party distributed membership applications declaring NSL's "determination to seek sexual, social, and political freedom" for Aryans. The literature printed by Veh's organization often featured provocative images of scantily clad SS soldiers with swastikas covering their genitals to emphasize the "sexual trip" described by the recruiting pitch.

The National Socialist League disappeared sometime after 1988, likely due to the declining leather subculture in the heat of the AIDS epidemic, and Veh has been out of the public eye ever since.

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