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Rubén Antonio González Medina, C.M.F. (born February 9, 1949) is an American prelate of the Catholic Church. He currently serves as the Bishop of the Diocese of Ponce.

González was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico, on February 9, 1949. In 1966, at 17 years of age, he was admitted to the Claretian novitiate in Salvatierra, Álava, Spain, and professed temporary religious vows in 1967. He then studied, from 1969 to 1973, philosophy and the first year of theology in Colmenar Viejo, Community of Madrid. In 1972 he professed his perpetual vows as a member of the congregation, and then completed his studies in the diocesan seminary of Paso Ancho, Costa Rica.

González was ordained a deacon in Costa Rica on September 8, 1974, and a Catholic priest on his birthday in 1975. He was elected as the local superior of the Claretian Missionaries of the Antilles in 1999. He was appointed Bishop of Caguas by Pope John Paul II on 12 December 12, 2000, to take over the charge of the diocese from its Apostolic Administrator, Álvaro Corrada del Río, S.J., for which he was ordained a bishop by Cardinal Luis Aponte Martínez on February 4, 2001.

In 2015, González was transferred by Pope Francis to head the Diocese of Ponce.

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