Roman Catholic Diocese of Risano

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Risan(o) or Risinio (Latin Risinium) was a Latin Catholic bishopric from the sixth to the 17th century and is now a Latin titular see.

Established circa 500 as Diocese of Risano (Italian; Latin Risinium) with see at Risan, site of Ancient Rhizon. It was a Suffragan of the Metropolitan (also Montenegrine) Archdiocese of Diocleia in the Late Roman province of Dalmatia Superior.

It was suppressed circa 1630, its territory being merged into the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kotor (Cattaro), also in Montenegro.

(all Roman Rite)

(incomplete in the sixth and possibly until the 13th century)

The diocese was nominally restored in 1933 as Latin Titular bishopric of Risinium (Latin name; Curiate Italian Risinio)

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