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Robert California, also known as Bob Kazamakis, is a fictional character on the U.S. comedy television series The Office. In the eighth season, he was hired as Regional Manager of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch, a position which was formerly held by Michael Scott for the majority of the series, but Robert managed to persuade Jo Bennett to appoint him CEO in her place. In the eighth-season finale, Robert departs from the company after David Wallace purchases Dunder Mifflin.

California is portrayed by James Spader. He is an original character and has no counterpart on the original British version of the series.

Robert California is the former CEO of Dunder Mifflin/Sabre. An enigmatic individual, he was often inspiring and intimidating to the staff in the Scranton branch office, especially so to Regional Manager Andy Bernard.

Robert has been married three times, with his third wife, Susan, leaving him after the events of "Mrs. California". In a talking-head interview from that episode, Susan states (when referring to the staff's instructed dislike of her), that the last time she was employed, she "hated the boss' wife" as well, revealing that the woman she is referring to was one of Robert's ex-spouses. This would mean that she and Robert met while she was under his employment at one time, and that the two possibly began their relationship while he was still married. Robert also has a young son, named Bert. It is unknown if Robert fathered him with Susan.

The Sabre Corporation website implies that Robert may be of partial Native American descent, which could be the reason why he so strongly dislikes Christopher Columbus. In "Turf War", it is revealed that "Robert California" is not his real name, and in the next episode, he introduces himself to David Wallace as "Bob Kazamakis", although it is unknown whether "Kazamakis" is his actual last name or simply another alias.

Robert appears to typically manipulate situations in a duplicitous fashion, as seen in the episodes "Mrs. California", "Trivia", and most greatly in "Last Day in Florida", when he privately admits to Jim Halpert that the newly opened Sabre store was a poor concept, and that he only approved it because Jo Bennet wanted it, but pretending, at a high-level meeting, that the store was a brilliant idea, and using newly appointed Vice President Todd Packer as a scapegoat for the store's failure, stating that Packer executed it poorly.

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